#hashtag #getfocused

Last week I discovered an article in the Australian Financial Review titled "#boredatwork means #yourfired". The gist of the article was that over 300,000 people had used the hashtag #boredatwork on Instagram during their first week back at work this January. #hatemyjob and #hatemyboss were also popular.

What’s a hashtag you say? Check out Wikipedia

Returning to work after the Christmas/New Year break is tough, particularly in countries like Australia sitting squarely in the beautiful summer weather. A couple of weeks lolling about eating and drinking, having afternoon naps and if you’re lucky lying by the beach or having swim is often what is needed at the end of a busy year. Many of us find it tough returning to the reality of work and paying the bills.

My first week back was tough. The weather was fantastic in Sydney which I could witness from my office window. If there was ever a disadvantage to having an office with natural light, this was it! I wasn’t really ready to be back at work, like most of the office. I wanted more holidays but I don’t have much leave accrued and my oldest son Aiden starts school this year, so I need to save what I have for this school holidays.

Boredom at work can strike at any time. Not just on returning from holidays. We all have times at work that aren’t that interesting or fun so what do you do when they strike? Here's my top 3 suggestions:

1.      Keep off social media. While it’s tempting to slip your phone out and have a cyberspace vent, it’s really stupid. HR people like me get calls from Managers having to deal with this kind of stuff. Seriously, if you #hateyourjob are #boredatwork and #hateyourboss you may find yourself #unemployed. The saying “If you can’t say something nice….” applies to social media.  Also prospective employers will often go online and check applicants Facebook or Twitter accounts during the recruitment process. While I ask Managers I'm working with on recruiting roles not to do this, it still happens. What kind of image do you want to portray to the world?

2.      Remember why you’re here. What’s your career plan? What are you trying to achieve? What do you need to learn? Get focused and get moving. I spent my first weeks back from leave planning what I need to achieve during the year. While not that exciting it has got my head into the right space and I feel like I'm on the way to achieving what I need to.

3.      Deal with your boss. If you seriously have issues with your boss read this post

We are nearly through January and what have you achieved? How are your 2014 goals tracking?