Day 3 It's hump day! A day in the life of a HR Director

Wednesday 3 September
Ah hump day. The middle of the week. By lunch time you are on the down hill run to the weekend!

In celebration I do three things.

1. I decide to wear sequins because they scream glamour. Or streetwalker. Something like that. I wore a cute Sass & Bide black and white and gold sequin t-shirt. I matched it up with my recently procured short suit. Yes you heard it hear folks. I wore matching shorts and jacket today. Corporate like. I thought I looked pretty good until someone asked if my shorts are culottes. Maybe they are shorts on other people. Taller people. They may need to be taken up.

2. I eat out for lunch. Craazy! I ate at my desk on Monday and Tuesday but not today folks. Check out the spread. Crispy Thai chicken, rice and an egg. Mango juice and some weird soup which I didn't eat.

3. I decide to leave even earlier to beat the traffic. I left home at 6.50, picked up my work colleague and a coffee at 7 and arrived at work just before 8am. Still. Not Good.

Anyway, as it's well and truly into hump day now (7.18pm to be exact) we are heading out for drink for friends.

Lisa x