Time out

Back in February I was offered a place in Explore for Success's Executive Women's Forum. I helped out at their book launch for Unexpected Women and they offered me a place in kind. I was flattered and thrilled, but not really sure what I was in for. There was a general outline which sounded interesting:
  • Session 1: Your next chapter - thinking about your next 5 - 10 years of your career
  • Session 2: Executive Presence - cultivating your executive brand
  • Session 3: Advocacy and Sponsorship - establishing sponsors to support your career
  • Session 4: Ambassador of inclusion - helping others in your workplace to be successful
  • Session 5: Embracing your worth - authority and financial worth
I liked the structure of the program, half a day every month,  and figured I had nothing to lose. Plus, I have learnt that taking some time out of your day to day role to think and reflect is a valuable activity in of itself. I try to take opportunities as they come my way, and this was no different.

The first thing I loved on that first day was meeting all these strong and amazing women, from various industries and disciplines. I have always worked for very male dominated companies, and I'm ok with that, and most of the time I really enjoy my job. That doesn't mean that once you are in room with lots of great women you don't take advantage of the situation!

This is a great program if you are looking to take that next step into the executive ranks, or you might already there but need some help and support. If you think this could be for you, I'm on good authority that there is a few places left for the program in Sydney starting in August. You can get some more info here.

This is not a sponsored post. I just believe in and support what Explore do in our business community for women.

Lisa xx