Change the routine?

Wow I’m tired. I’m feeling ratty. I need a holiday. I get to this point every year about this time. I think we all do. The difference for me this year is that I haven’t really had a holiday all year. Work has been crazy busy with lots of changes and in July my family and I moved countries. Pooped I tell ya!
On Wednesday I changed something in my routine. It was a small thing but it made me ridiculously happy. What was it? I had lunch at McDonalds. Yep. At this point, if you were hoping for professional and exacting insights into human behavior and how to manage yourself, you should probably leave the building.
You see I was just sick of everything. Sick of work, sick of not exercising, sick of the food I was eating and the clothes I was wearing. Just sick of everything. Have you been there? Just changing one thing made a big difference. Normally I have lunch with a work colleague and we visit one of the many hawker centres around the industrial area of Singapore we work in. The food is cheap and delicious and the service is quick.
On Wednesday being completely sick of everything, including Asian food, I just wanted a Big Mac from McDonalds. And that’s what I had, with fries and a coke and some nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. Followed with a festive chaser from Starbucks. It. Was. Awesome. I got back to the office and was able to focus and get some work done that I had been putting off, and I don’t think it was due to the 2 days of calories I had just consumed. I was so into my work that I worked past when I should have left to pick up my son. Was in the zone all because of a small change in routine. 
Yesterday I wore jeans to work. On a Thursday. I'm changing it up all over the place!
When has a change in routine made the difference for you?