Day 5 Small wins - A day in the life of a HR Director

Some days it all comes together. You put on an outfit that makes you feel great (today ripped jeans with circles of gold sequins on them. Too much streetwalker? ) You leave home on time.  You pay attention to where you are driving. The traffic is good. You arrive at work early, and instead of fiddling with emails, you get straight into the hard stuff and get. it. sorted.

Welcome to my Friday. I sorted the very important spreadsheet including the problem with none of the formulas working unless every cell is entered manually, before 8.30am. I sorted 2 difficult expat payroll issues that have been driving me crazy, and got a nice thank you for one of them. Had a great and funny conversation with one leader and a nowherenearasbadasIthought conversation with another. Got out an employee communication and moved forward a difficult issue that should be resolved early next week.

Left work early to pick up Aiden from school who has had a hard week, picked up some medication from a medical centre that have been ringing me every week for, oh about 4 weeks, picked up keys to our mail box so we could actually get out mail (looooong story) and was home in time to take both boys for a swim.

Got to speak to one of my favourite friends Laura, who is coming to stay in a few weeks and the whole day would have been perfect if I could have actually played a movie for the boys and I tonight on the stupid big TV. Had a movie night with popcorn in my head as a nice end to the week. No popcorn was in stock and obviously the technology or my intelligence was lacking, and it didn't happen. Boys watched the movie on a laptop screen, one of the smallest screens in the house. TGIF