Your turn challenge Day 4 and still going strong.....

Today's post is about today. One of my favourite bloggers Mrs Woog (she is bloody funny) posted tonight on Facebook the best part of her day, the worst part of her day, and what she was looking forward to.

It reminded me of a particular job I worked in where I felt overwhelmed and stressed quite a lot of the time. I had little support and had to work out most things for myself. It was also hard to feel like I achieved anything in that role and that is pretty disheartening. Little did I know that this was going to be most jobs I worked in - the little support part and working stuff out for myself bit. Luckily I have worked out how to get on with it!

Anyway, a coach that I met on a women's leadership program suggested that on my walk home from work, I think about 3 things I achieved during the day and that I was proud of, and one thing that I could have done better.  Doing that simple activity helped immensely.

Mrs Woogs is similar but better because it has the looking forward to bit. So here is my today:

Best - having some great conversations with leaders, colleagues and our Finance team, and Aiden and Charlie being really excited to see me when I got home.

Worst - Feeling like I didn't achieve a lot. I didn't cross many things off my list, and there are lots of things on the list! Sigh.

Looking forward to - getting out and travelling to a couple of our businesses in the region and also getting to travel to our head office for a Global HR Meeting. I work with some really great HR people.

I really like these simple things as they help us acknowledge the day and let it go. We can't change it after all.

Would love to hear about your day. What was the best? The worst? And what are you looking forward to?