Yah! Made it to the end of another week. Mexican food and margaritas ended the day, along with 2 lovely boys who won't stop talking.

I thought for a Friday I would share some of my favourite blogs and websites. One of the things that good bloggers do is to share and contribute to like blogs. After the last blogging conference I attended I decided to follow some of the big "HR" bloggers. Lordy they are boring, so I won't be sharing them here. Here you will only find fun, variety, inspiration, and fashion. I think it's healthy to have a variety of interests. Don't you?

These are just a few of the blogs I check in with regularly:

Wrestling Possums - Chris Savage shares his energy and inspiration and somehow his email to a new blog post arrives in my inbox just when I need it. If you ever get the opportunity to hear Chris speak, run!

Woogsworld - Funny. Bloody funny. Mundane stuff that's funny.

Lady Melbourne - Vintage inspired fashion. The lovely Phoebe is accessible and sweet and a little quirky.  

The Sartorialist - One of the, or probably the most famous, street style fashion bloggers. Gorgeous photos.

Aquabumps - Seriously sexy, sun drenched and vibrant daily shots of Bondi Beach, other Eastern Sydney beaches and beaches and surfing from around the world.