Fun at work

What? Huh? Fun did you say? At work? Yeah baby!

You know work doesn't need to be all that serious. Sometimes I work on quite serious things but if I couldn't have a little fun sometimes, well what would be the point?

How does this fun come about? Well I work with some great people with very funny senses of humour. There seems to be something in the culture. I get to travel and interact with a wide range of people on a wide range of issues and I have a husband who likes to make fun of what he calls the "cast" at my work. Sometimes he says he is familiar with the "characters" when I'm trying to tell him about my day. Hardly helpful but it makes me laugh. He has only met a couple of my work colleagues.

There is also a very corporate type team at work who are generally very serious and risk adverse who love playing practical jokes on each other and other people in the organisation. I LOVE hearing about their antics. So unexpected and naughty in a relatively conservative organisation!

Have you ever done one of those value assessment type questionnaires? I have a few times and the value of fun comes out loud and clear for me. I don't expect every day to be a riot of fun or a circus but if I don't get a bit of fun every now and then well, I'd be looking for somewhere else to be.

For me fun is just not about having a laugh at the water cooler, it's also about getting to work on things you love doing and having autonomy. I love helping developing leaders and I get to do this. I love blogging and I get to do this. I have even been able to encourage them to blog as well. A couple of our leaders have no idea what the point of blogging is but it's been fun seeing their discomfort! Some have even been humorous in their writing and learnt to write in their own voice. Love that.

There is also fun challenge in working on news things, learning new knowledge and working through complex issues. Mostly I love my job and mostly it's fun

So, on another public holiday in Australia, tell me about what's fun for you at work? Anything?

Lisa xx