Day 2. The glamour continues. A day in the life of a HR Director.

Tuesday 2 September
5am - Arran's alarm goes off. Can't get back to sleep. Eventually get up at 5.45am, get dressed into my Country Road "glamour" outfit (seems to be free of food debris), and decide to work on an important legal document. Sit in the dark on the balcony with my laptop. Loser.

6.30am - Marife (our fabulous helper) offers to make me tea and toast. Score!
7am - leave the house in a new battle to beat the traffic and get to work at a reasonable time. Pick up a work college from Australia who is staying close by. Arrive at work after 8.30am. Ugh!

Traffic! Isn't it glam? How nice are the trees?
Morning - work on important legal document, work on bonus plan for one country, do some calculations in spread sheet (over the past few years I have improved my skills in excel but I still suck so this is NO fun), answer emails, send emails, speak to team members on phone.

Afternoon - Like the morning but with less human interaction. I like human interaction.

4.30 pm - decide to leave for home at 4.45pm to beat the traffic

5.05pm -leave for home. Drop off work colleague and head home for dinner with my boys.

8.30pm - Global HR Directors teleconference. I sit on our balcony enjoying the view of the pool and the high rise buildings around us.

9.00pm - Teleconference with 2 colleagues in the US to sort out an expat pay issue.

9.35pm - eyes falling out. Close down laptop and go to bed! That's enough glamour for one day, don't you think?

Lisa x