Forget 2016. Let's look forward to 2017 shall we?

2016 was a shitty year in my book and I'm glad to see the back of it. Man! It seems like many people agree by the look of all my social media accounts. Great people passed away, some before their time like Prince and Gene Wilder (oh Charlie) and Alan Rickman and Muhammad Ali and David Bowie and many, many more great people. Then there was Brexit and the US election and awful things in Syria and so much stuff. I must have known something because my word for the year was "strength". I can't say I lived up to it but it was obviously a good choice. Sigh.

I was all psyched up to go on a big whinge on 2016 in this post but decided that things have been so shit that I didn't really know where to start and because no one close to me died or was seriously sick I decided to let it all go. How adult.

Instead of a big whinge the no-one appreciates I thought I would tell you about what I'm looking forward to in 2017.  Let's see......

  1. Moving from the UK to somewhere else. To be honest I didn't really want to be here and not exactly sure what possessed me to move here. I have written a post about moving here but it may remain in draft because. Will see.  However lets just say I like warm weather. I do. 
  2. Moving to Singapore or Sydney. Might be good to know where but I don't. I seem to be getting better with ambiguity while friends we have made here in the UK are freaking out. Decision has to be made by January 3 2017 which should be plenty of time, shouldn't it? I thought the decision was made last week. And two weeks ago. And a month ago. Still in limbo land. Come on universe! Make a decision. We are grateful we have the opportunity to live in either place. Both are awesome amazing places to live and we have great friends in both locations. 
  3. I'm going to redesign my blog and move it to a new platform that is self-hosted. It will give me more flexibility and options. I'm looking forward to something fresh, something cool, something sexy. Cause I like sexy. Stay tuned.  
  4. Potentially trying something different. Feeling a little jaded from working for large US companies for the past 9 years. Working somewhere with purpose and soul could be for me. Or working for myself could be on the cards, depending on where we end up. 
  5. I'm going to give writing a go, a little more seriously. 
  6. Moving on. Being in a different place doing different things. Making new connections and contemplating life. Creating opportunities to be more creative.
  7. Planning new holidays in new places.
But sometimes looking back is good so keeping with the positive theme, here are my biggest read blog posts of all time, well since 2012....
  1. By a long shot is My Top 7 Interview Tips. It has three times more reads than any other post! I think it has something to do with the stress that people go through trying to secure a new job. 
  2. Breadth and Depth in your career: I really like this post myself and have also spoken about this to leadership development groups. There is something about doing generalist roles and then specialist roles and mixing it up in terms of companies you work for to gain a variety of experiences.
  3. Managing your career: keeping your mind fit: Look Mum I'm a health blogger! No just kidding. But some things that work for me.
  4. There's obviously lots of crap managers out there because this post made the top 5
  5. And at number 5 making a two parent family work is obviously on the mind of many and is my most recent post to make the top 5. Some tips that could work for you.
Happy Christmas everyone. Let's make 2017 better than 2016 shall we?

Lisa xx