What do you do at work Mummy?

Sooo.....do you ever have a problem describing what you do at work? I do. Not because I don't know what I'm doing, because I do, but sometimes trying to describe it, is tricky. It doesn't sound very, well....real or important. Sometimes it might sound a little wanky.

If I'm telling someone who works in a big company they usually get it (and then start telling me why they hate their Human Resource department. Love that) but if not, describing my work is quite tricky.

It usually goes like this...well "I help organisations manage their people". Umm..or "I help recruit people and help managers manage them and help terminate their employment if needed". Well that's inspiring. If I take it up a notch and say "I provide and execute on the people strategy for organisations" Well what the hell does that mean? when it comes down to it I really just want to help the places where people work, to be better. I do this by helping leaders to be the best that they can be. Well that doesn't tell you anything but it's meaningful to me and links with my purpose.

Obviously I need to improve my elevator pitch but I think the biggest test is when Aiden asks me what I do at work. How do I describe that to a 6 year old?

There used to be a time when jobs were more simple and people knew what you did. For example:

  • Teacher
  • Farmer
  • Train driver (Aiden wants to be a train driver. Charlie "me-too" Pearson probably does too but I think he is more suited to being a dramatic actor)
  • Mechanic
  • Doctor

Today's jobs include:
  • Operational Risk Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Head of Public Relations
  • Chief People and Culture Officer
  • Social Media Consultant
  • Accounts Executive
Has the world gone mad or is this just a sign of the complexity of today's organisations?

Would love to hear how you describe your job to your friends, family and kids. Leave me a message.

Lisa xx