Day 4 Glamour in pictures - A day in the life of a HR Director

Thursday 4 September
 After the highs of hump day - lunch not at my desk, Thursday dawned with possibilities. What could happen today? Will there be any glamour to speak of? Let's see shall we?

Left home at 7am to beat the traffic. Don't pay attention to where I'm going or what I'm doing and I end up on a road that I don't know. The phrase "I'm never going to learn the streets of Singapore" runs through my head. Turn on GPS. It takes 25 minutes to get on the road I should be on. And when I get on the "AYE" (no idea what this stands for) but it could be "Annoyingly really congested road that Yes takes me to work Even though I wished I worked in the city"

Isn't it pretty?
Arrive at work and no one else is there. Look how lonely my car looks.

View from my office window. Natural light people!

I basically spent the whole day writing documents and working on spreadsheets. I gotta get me some people action!!

As a distraction I head to the kitchen (we call it pantry in the far east), and discover a new snack. Encouraged by "Aunty" (that's what we call the cleaner/helper in the far east) I take a handful to try. They are a bit like chips with a sweet and spicy flavour. Really nice until they have been in  your mouth for oh about 2 seconds and then they taste like fish. These are the ones I didn't eat!

Then I think, "I bet my readers would like to see where I work". I don't like to disappoint so here it is:

You can see here that I'm still waiting on a monitor. FYI For Your Improvement books are fantastic at helping people to develop. Also fantastic at propping up my laptop so it's at the right height. If I have a "development" emergency they are also close to hand. There is always a silver lining.

Here you will see my Houston Rockets bobble head, a free gift from my first visit to Houston and my extensive collection of coloured pens. I keep them there in case I get inspired and need to write in colour. Practically, they get the most use if any kids visit the office.

So there you have it folks.

Lisa x